On the 12th July  Beech Class visited West Stow Anglo-Saxon village near Thetford.


After an hour long journey, we arrived at West Stow and exited the coach into lovely sunshine! During the morning, we had the opportunity to look round all the buildings that make up West Stow village and learn about each one from information boards and booklets given to the adults!  We spotted lots of interesting features and answered lots of questions, especially in the Q&A session run by Stephanie.


Following lunchtime, we looked around the museum. We saw lots of different artefacts and the children were able to try on some Anglo-Saxon clothes!  The day ended with another Q&A session with Stephanie and the chance to handle some objects!

Before long, we were back on the bus and heading back to school and although a little tired, we knew we’d had a brilliant day!



Leavers’ Service

St Helen’s Ranworth 15th July 2018


Nine Year 6 pupils took part in this service, recounting some of their favourite memories from their time at Fairhaven. The Rev Garrard spoke of how the children’s reflections recorded their path through primary school and their growing confidence as they reach the end of one stage of their education and prepare to move onto high school. Each of the pupils received an Authentic Youth Bible from the Ranworth Benefice.













Year 6 Leavers’ Trip to Gravity


Monday morning saw a very excited group of Year 6 pupils anxiously waiting for 10 o’clock and the arrival of the minibus to take them to Gravity in Norwich.

Once there, the check in process was much smoother than last year and the children were soon bouncing around energetically. Very sensibly, they all took regular pit-stops to rehydrate and so kept going for the whole hour. Time up and they were bounced out and ready to return to school for lunch.


We carried the shared lunch over to Fairhaven Gardens where everyone enjoyed a leisurely picnic. The children engaged the visitors to the gardens in random conversations and took time to relax.


Thanks to The Friends for funding the transport and to Fairhaven Gardens for allowing us to picnic in the gardens.


Recording and photographing school events


As we are sure you are aware, due to the new GDPR we have had to send out new forms requesting permission to take and use photographs. For a variety of reasons, some children can only have their photographs displayed in school. We would ask that when parents take photos of, or record, school events they keep these for their personal and family use and don’t publish them on social media.


Whole School Trip -Thursday 19th July







The whole school enjoyed a trip to the seaside at Great Yarmouth where the focus of the day was artists and artistic interpretations of the landscape.

Each of the Key Stages spent half of the day at The Time and Tide Museum learning about different methods of painting and looking at some great landscape masterpieces on display there. The other half of the day was spent on the beach observing and recording the surroundings. The children made water and sand sketches on the jetty and were challenged to make line drawings, to draw using the hand they don’t usually write with and to sketch looking only at the landscape and never at their piece of paper.

This was a fantastic day out made perfect by the wonderful sunny weather. Thank you to The Time and Tide Museum staff and The Friends for helping with the cost of transport.


Cluster Athletics Competition

Thirty-eight children from Year R to Year 6 competed in the Cluster Athletics at the UEA Sports Park alongside 200 youngsters from the other primaries. Under the blazing sun they hurdled, ran, jumped and threw to the best of their ability. The children cheered their classmates on enthusiastically and there was a great sense of sportsmanship amongst the competitors

Holt Hall

The Years 5 and 6 recent visit to Holt Hall was blessed with glorious weather.  On arrival, after a few house rules and a fire drill, the children had lunch before setting off to their activities.  One group went to build rafts while the other group went to walk in Darwin’s footsteps. 

Raft building certainly tested the children’s listening skills but then the teams really started to co-operate and each built a successful raft using barrels, poles and ropes.   On Darwin’s walk the children took a good look at the trees, noticing the structure of the trees and colours above them.  This was followed by a woodland walk collecting items of interest to look at under microscopes.

The morning of day 2 was spent on West Runton Beach searching in rockpools and fossil hunting.  In the afternoon we returned to Holt Hall to a second science session looking at creatures from the woodland.  The children even found a newt!  Day 2 was finished with a campfire and toasted marshmallows.

Our final day was a reverse of day 1 with the groups swapping over for raft building and Darwin’s footsteps.  Following a picnic lunch on the lawn we headed back to Fairhaven.Maths Masterclass – Saturdays in May & June

Three of our Year 6 pupils were fortunate in being able to attend this year’s maths master classes in Norwich.  These are held on 6 Saturday mornings in May and June.  Each week the children are introduced to a topic which extends their mathematical thinking.  They enjoyed the activities and it has made them even more enthusiastic about mathematics. 

Notre Visio Conference Français

On 19th June Oak Class had a video conference with our friends from France.  Madame Giamonna’s class, CM2, read extracts from the classic fairy tale The Gingerbread Man.  We spoke to them in

French and English and talked about things such as their hobbies, our and their names

and the sports they play and watch.  In their class one girl played for the junior Paris St Germain team.  Charlie though it was strange that the French people hadn’t heard of cricket.  Even the ‘erm’ was different said Ffion.  At the end James, Taya, Freya and I took the computer around and gave the class a guided tour of our school.  All of Oak Class really enjoyed the experience and enjoyed speaking to the French class.  Freya W


On Monday 18th June, members of our after school High 5 – Netball Club represented the school at the Norfolk School Games High 5 – Netball finals. We knew the competition would be tough but went with determined attitude to play the best netball we could. We came third in our initial group and this meant that we could move forward to play in the Small Schools Plate Competition. After several more matches we found ourselves in the final! This match ended in a draw and so we were joint winners.

It was a really fun day. The longest serving member of our club, Ffion, collected our winners’ plate and as you can see it was smiles all round. 

Acle Cluster Cricket Tournaments  

On the 18th and 20th June 2018, teams from Fairhaven went to Freethorpe to compete in two separate cricket competitions.  On Monday, 9 children went from Beech Class and on Wednesday 9 children went from Oak Class.

Over the course of both days, the children played very well and most importantly had a wonderful time, clear by the smiles on the faces!

In terms of the results, the Year 3/4 team came outside the top three in 4th or 5th, winning 2 games but losing 4, whereas the Year 5/6 team came away with the gold medal and the trophy after winning all 5 of their games including the deciding final game against Acle!

Thank you again for the excellent attitude and behaviour from the children and the brilliant parental support! 

India day

Sycamore and Chestnut Classes worked together  this week to enjoy an Indian day as part of their topic.  They made vegetable samosas, learnt Bollywood dancing and yoga. They also looked at spices and matched them to the plants that they grow on and  created some Rangoli patterns using rice and flower petals. 

Cluster Song and Dance   Thursday 14th June 

Pupils from Fairhaven joined children from across the Cluster to create an enjoyable and exciting series of performances at The Open in Norwich on the evening of Thursday 14th June.

Children from Years 2 – 6 volunteered to take part and created their own dance inspired by their thoughts about the sky, day and night, light and dark, the moon  and stars and how the light from the sky forms shadows.

A large frame and screen, built thanks to the ingenuity of Mrs Lake, assisted by Mr Durrant,

showed off the children’s shadow dancing to excellent effect. The children’s weeks of rehearsal under the inspired direction of Mrs Lake led to a fantastic performance which was completed as the children sang Mr Blue Sky led by Mrs Fleet.

QuickSticks Hockey tournament

On a sunny day at the UEA, 8 Year 5 & 6 pupils took part in their first ever hockey competition.  Fourteen schools competed in the Quicksticks Championships 2018.  Schools were put into groups.  Fairhaven won 3 of their 4 games and were crowned group 4 winners, scoring 11 points out of a possible 12.   Louis & Daisy were awarded best boy & girl for Fairhaven and received England hockey bags

Bell Ringing Workshop for Oak Class

A group of bell ringers visited Fairhaven bringing with them a range of workshops and activities relating to bell ringing. The ringers came from St Peter Mancroft in Norwich and from local churches.

The children in Oak Class had the opportunity to use hand bells, work out sequences to ring the bells, both using pen and paper and computers, and to ring bells hung from a framework.

The bell ringers were very impressed by the children’s focus throughout the sessions and commented on how well co-ordinated some of them were when ringing the larger bell. The children’s obvious enjoyment of the activities was clearly evident from their determination to complete the tasks carefully and accurately.


Partnership Quadkids Athletics

On the first day of the new half term (Monday 4th June 2018), 20 children from Fairhaven Primary travelled to the UEA Sportspark to take part in a ‘Quadkids Athletics’ competition.

Both the Y3/4 and Y5/6 teams took part in a rotation of athletic disciplines which included long jump, 75m sprint, 600m and Vortex throw.  They went to each activity in their teams and competed against numerous schools from around the Norwich East Partnership.

All the children enjoyed the event and behaved impeccably, we are now awaiting the results to see whether we’ve qualified for the School Games this Summer!

Partnership Tri-Golf Competition 

On the 23rd May 2018, three teams made up of children from Chestnut and Beech Class went to Sprowston Manor to take part in a Tri-Golf competition!

All the teams took part in eight different events to test out their golfing skills including putting and chipping linked to accuracy and distance! 

Everyone who took part really enjoyed the afternoon not only because of the activities but also the beautiful surroundings!  Thanks again to Mr Millership who volunteered to come along and help supervise and coach the children!

Year 5 & 6 Trip to London and The Natural History Museum

A very slow journey into London did at least mean we were able to enjoy a number of sights such as the Shard, Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, Westminster Palace and Westminster Abbey. The boys also had a great time spotting expensive cars and, for some, the Ferrari garage in Knightsbridge was a high point.

In the museum the children engaged thoroughly with the exhibits in the volcano and earthquakes gallery. Everyone enjoyed the earthquake experience.

The sunny day meant we were able to walk up to Hyde Park for our picnic lunch. We then walked  to the Albert Memorial and around the Albert Hall to return to the museum. Everyone enjoyed an ice-cream before we went into the dinosaur exhibition. As most other schools had left for the day we were able to enjoy this in relative peace.

All too soon it was time to climb back on the coach for the return trip.

Countryside Classroom 

Years 3, 4 and 5 visit to Salle Farm 

The children in Years 3, 4 and 5 visited Salle Park near Cawston on the 16th May 2018 to learn about life in the Norfolk countryside.

Over the course of the day, the children had the opportunity to learn about numerous topics including the farming year, crops, farming machinery, game keeping, gun dogs and farm animals.  They also enjoyed learning about bees, river life, and horse rescue from Redwing Sanctuary and how to save water from Anglian Water.

Apart from a short break for lunch, the children were on their feet all day with very little, if any, complaining!  This was proof of how much they all enjoyed themselves and testament to the excellent organisation of the day allowing it to run so smoothly!

‘The Big Sing!’

On the 3rd of May 2018, the year 4s and 5s went to the Norfolk Show Ground to sing lots of different songs. There were over 9000 children. There were two VIPs, one of them was called Alexander Burke. She was on Strictly Come Dancing in 2017. And the second VIP was called Kirsten Joy from ‘Clean Bandit.’ The first song that they sung was ‘Boys and Girls.’

The next song that they sung was ‘Rockstar.’ We were singing for a long time but soon enough it was lunch time.

After lunch, they sung a few songs then they all started to pack away. After that, everyone got onto their buses and drove away but ours, because our bus was stuck in the mud! We were stuck there for a hour! So they had to get a JCB digger to tow us out with a chain. Finally they drove back to school. Daniel & Ollie 

Visit to Peru

As part of their topic of Around the World, this week the children in Sycamore & Chestnut Classes went on a trip to Peru.  Having made their own passports, they arrived at the airport to check in and go through security ready for their trip.  They chose where they would like to sit on the aeroplane.  After locating their seat on the plane and a short flight the children had to go queue up to go through passport control in Peru.  The children were very excited to visit this new country.  They will be staying there for a while to learn more about the country. I wonder where they will fly to next?

Acle Cluster Sportshall Challenge

On Thursday 26th April 2018, six children from Key Stage 1 went to Acle Recreation Centre to take part in the annual Sportshall Challenge!

Within the event they completed six different challenges including long jump, bouncing a ball and target throwing!

They were all very excited about attending and all performed exceptionally well, trying their very best!  At the end of the competition, Cantley won the overall first place trophy however Fairhaven came away with two individual medals!

The Big Sing

It was really hot, they were handing out emergency bottles of water.  We used ours by putting them on our faces!  Beside this we still sang songs like Heroes, Happy, Wonder and Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.  When we got back on the bus we found it was stuck!  Eventually a JCB came to pull us out.  It was amazing singing with my friends.  A day to remember! Felix 

Sycamore & Chestnut Classes visit to the Farm

To conclude their Spring topic about our village and farming the children had a trip to Easton farm.  They found out about the different animals kept on the farm including pigs, chickens, highland cows, deer and sheep.  They also learnt about some of the crops that are grown and how they are made into products we use at home.  The children were able to grind their own wheat to make flour and crush rape seed to produce the oil. 

KS1 Football Skills Festival

On the Monday, six Key Stage 1 children took part in a football festival against other children from across the Acle Cluster.

They enjoyed doing timed events including dribbling, shooting, throw ins, running and passing!  Each of the activities were completed with excellent enthusiasm and great friendship, it was lovely to see them compete!

Overall, the children came in fourth position and although they didn’t win a medal, took a lot from the experience!

Samba Performance 

Our Year 3 & 4 children enjoyed their Samba performance to parents last week. After two terms of lessons they showed themselves to be very proficient at playing the instruments and more importantly, keeping time. Thank you to Mr Taylor, the Samba teacher, for preparing the children for this event.

Visiting Musicians

We have been very lucky to have a group of musicians from the Norfolk Music Service to work with the children on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

The children learnt about the instruments and how sound is made.  They also got to play the instruments the musicians had brought with them.  Yesterday each class composed a piece of music inspired by a painting or collage that related to the topic they have been working on this term.

We are very grateful to Mrs Brocklehurst for arranging this for us and pursuing the grant to fund it. 

Fairhaven Garden’s Bridge Opening 

On the 20th March 2018, Year 3, 4 and 5 children walked over to Fairhaven Gardens to be part of the opening ceremony for the ‘Bridges Project’.  The new bridge is 120m in length and goes over an area which was regularly closed at different points during the year due to flooding!

It was opened by Paralympian swimmer, Jessica-Jane Applegate and the Chairman of Broadland District Council.  Also present were a number of trustees including Lord Fairhaven and staff from Fairhaven Gardens. 

Film Festival 2018

The Story of Two Churches in one Churchyard by Beech Class 

For our film this year, we decided to focus on our village and in particular the two churches which stand next to each other; St. Mary’s and St. Lawrence’s.  We were very lucky to have the opportunity to work with BBC Voices again this year who trained the children and supported them throughout the whole filming and editing process!  Without them, this wouldn’t have been possible!

In the film you’ll find out why both churches are there and what is special about them.  You’ll notice that they are very different which isn’t surprising when one of them caught fire, was struck by lightning and eventually crumbled due to a sonic boom from a low flying military aircraft.

Family Engineering Day 

The hall was filled with excited adults and children on Thursday for our annual Family Engineering Day. This year the task was to build a fan powered car. Each team of adults and children were given a motor, a fan and other craft materials to build their model.

The aim was to build the fastest model. There was a time limit of an hour and a half.

At the end of the time the cars were raced in heats and then a grand final was held.

All those who took part said it was great fun. It was lovely to see so many families taking part.

Norfolk Music Festival Friday 9th March

Twelve our children, who have continued to have group violin lessons with Mrs Viigi, took part in the Norfolk County Music Festival. They played two pieces Shark Attack and Barrier Reef and were very proud to be awarded Highly Commended Performance Plus. 

Cluster Engineering Day Wednesday 14th March

When we arrived we were told our challenge was to build a glider and the winner would be the model which flew the furthest without losing the play dough aviator from the cockpit.

Leah drew a sketch of the glider and then I helped her to draw all the parts we would need to build it. I was aiming to build a Bristol Beau Fighter.

Next we had to cut out the parts and Dylan and Summer did lots of the gluing. We used some wood to reinforce the wings and to make a secure seat for the aviator. We sat the cockpit on the middle of the wings so the glider was balanced. We made sure both wings were of equal length, we had to cut a bit off to make them the same.

When we fitted the tail wing we had to make it suit the size of the hole we could cut. We made sure the tail wings were exactly half the length of the main wings. Once we had made the base and main wings we were able to build the body of the glider.

We were very pleased when we tried our glider because it flew very well. So well, that it was the second best at flying of all the models made. It flew most successfully when launched by Summer.

By Toby

Sportshall Athletics – School Games Final.

On 26th February our Sportshall Athletics team headed to the UEA to compete in the School Games Finals. 

Our team competed against 7 other small school teams from across Norfolk. 

After a close fought competition, the team proved that all their hard work had paid off and received a bronze medal, 3rd place overall.  A terrific achievement!  Thank you to all the parents who turned out on a very cold and wet day to come and watch.  Your  help and support is crucial to the children’s success

Cluster TAG Rugby Competition

On Friday 23rd February 2 teams of children travelled to the Redmayne Rugby Fields. The children were absolutely amazing. They not only played with determination and resilience, they also behaved impeccably, a real credit to the school.

The Year 3/4 team played 5 games against the schools in the Acle Cluster.  They managed to win all of them and came away with gold medals and the winner’s trophy.The Year 5/6 team played 6 games against the schools in the Cluster.  They won 3 matches, drew 2 and only lost 1.  As a result they came back to school with silver medals. 

Cross Country Runners 

Congratulations to our children, who had qualified for, and took part in, the County Cross Country Competition at Holkham Hall on Wednesday. Postponed from last week, the run took place on a course which quickly became very wet and muddy.  Despite this all of the children completed their races, achieved good results and more importantly they all enjoyed the event.

New Play Equipment 

It was lovely to see the children’s faces as they arrived in school and saw the new playground equipment on Monday. We were really pleased that the installation was completed during half term so the equipment was ready to use. The children have all now had an opportunity to play on it and, as with all of the playground areas; they will have a turn each week to use it along with their year group.

This project has taken a great deal of time to plan, source and finance, and is just part of our long term plans to redevelop the playground.

We are extremely to grateful to Mrs Kay Crane, Paul Watts and Sean Hunt who cleared the site of the fence, raised beds, old equipment and the surface. Also to Mr Justin Everson who removed some of the left over rubble. These were very generous offers of help which enabled us to spend more of our limited resources on the new equipment and safety surface.

Rock Steady Performance 

We had an exciting performance in our Thursday assembly from a representative of Rock Steady. The children learned a little about each of the types of instrument and enjoyed hearing some familiar songs. ‘Rock Steady’ is an organisation that provides music tuition in guitar, keyboard and drums and enables children to learn in a group creating their own rock groups. We will be inviting Rock Steady to return next term to run some workshops which may lead to ‘rock group lessons’ being available in the Autumn Term.

Sycamore Class help launch new book

Our youngest children in Sycamore Class enjoyed a book launch for ‘Molly Moo – the independent cow’, which was read to them by the author, Sandra Derry, at Fairhaven Gardens. We were grateful for the generous gift of some copies of the book for our school library.

This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to meet a live author. Thank you to the gardens for inviting our children to this event.


Cluster Poetry Festival

As usual all of our pupils in Years 1 – 6 took part in this festival. Each class had to perform a set poem and a poem of their own choice with actions. In addition an individual child or a pair of children could perform a poem of their own choice.

A new category for Key Stage 2 children this year was for a poem written and performed by the children. This caused a great deal of excitement and showed that we have some budding poets.

Certificates were awarded for each category. Chestnut Class (Years 1 & 2) achieved three silver certificates, Beech Class (Years 3 & 4) achieved two gold and two silver and Oak Class (Years 5 & 6) achieved four gold certificates.

All the children are to be congratulated on their performances and thank you to the teachers who, as usual, worked hard to ensure the children were well rehearsed.  


Partnership Sportshall Athletics Qualifications

On the 19th January 2018, we took a team to take part in the sportshall athletics qualification event at Sprowston High School.  Despite the fact that we were the only small school that entered, the children performed superbly and made the most of the opportunity to practise the events they would definitely do again! 

The School Games finals will be taking place on the 26th February 2018 at the University of East Anglia where they will compete against children from all across Norfolk at a very exciting and energetic event that has always been enjoyed by everyone!

Thanks again to all the parents who transported the children and put up with the slightly late arrival!

Competition Winners!

Congratulations to Mr Grayson and the children in Engineering Club who designed and built a winning Christmas Tree to enter in the Festival of Christmas Trees & Lights at Upton Church in December.

The tree was entered into the Festival with around 20 other exhibits from other local organisations and businesses.  Visitors to the exhibition could vote for their favourite and the Engineers Christmas Tree received over a quarter of the votes.

The tree has been returned to the school and will be installed in the wildlife garden as a sculpture.

On  the children were presented with their prize in assembly by Rev.Garrard and Mrs Joyce Warren, the  Upton church warden.  

Music Concert

Our Christmas Concert was a little late in starting because we were first entertained on the playground by our cheerleaders, ably led by Mrs Drury. They were a little overawed by the size of their audience but enjoyed showing off the chants they have been learning this term.

Our concert involved nearly a third of our pupils and it was great to see many of our younger children playing for the first time.

It is lovely to have so many pupils playing a range of instruments and their effort and concentration was clearly evident.

We had a good mix of Christmas and other music all of which was organised by our peripatetic music teachers.

Trip to the Norwich Playhouse


The Children in Sycamore and Chestnut classes went to the Norwich Playhouse on Tuesday 5th December to watch ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’.  It was a great performance and everyone really enjoyed joining in with the songs.  Chestnut Class have been looking at this classic storybook in their literacy lessons.  Sycamore Class have enjoyed role playing the story and making tiger masks.  They have also used the book to help develop their communication and language skills by sequencing the illustrations and retelling the story in their own words.



This year’s Nativity used a combination of traditional readings and carols as well as some new carols. The children sang beautifully and the Year 6 pupils spoke clearly and carefully to tell the Christmas Story. Mrs Fleet coached the choir, Mrs Lake organised the nativity scene and Mrs Brocklehurst organised the music and whole school singing.

It was lovely to see so many parents and family members supporting their children. The collection at the end raised £91.57 for the charity Nelson’s Journey. The staff will add to this by contributing their ‘Christmas card’ money.

‘Christmas in a Box Service’, Upton Church on Sunday 26th November 

There were a lot of people at the service and there were lots of boxes and gifts which had been donated (some of them had come from school).

During the service we made a Christmas Pudding because it was ‘Stir Up Sunday’.

We had to put in lots of ingredients, in fact it seemed as if everyone in the congregation added an ingredient, to make the huge pudding. Each of the ingredients represented something from the Bible for example; carrot added lightness and reminded us that Jesus is the light of the world; flour reminded us of our daily bread.

Seven of our pupils made a presentation during the service explaining how and why we had donated toys and gifts. We sang some familiar songs and accompanied them with percussion instruments. We enjoyed the service.  Grace and Felix

North Walsham Cross Country 2017

On Wednesday 8th November 2017, Fairhaven Primary travelled to North Walsham Rugby Club to take part in the annual Partnership Cross Country Competition.

Despite the cold and the rain, all the children took part with smiles on their faces and performed exceptionally well!

From the 18 children who were involved, 7 children have successfully qualified for the School Games Finals which is to be held at Holkham Hall in March.

Congratulations to everyone who took part and thanks again to all the parents and grandparents who came to support!

Acle Cluster Cross Country 2017

On Friday 13th October 2017, Fairhaven Primary hosted another extremely successful cross country event attended by all the schools in the Acle Cluster. 

All the children who were involved had a brilliant time, clear to see by all the smiles on the start line and even on the finishing straight!  They were also inspired by the incredible support from their friends and family, creating a friendly yet competitive atmosphere!

The final results were:

  • Fairhaven Primary won the overall trophies for Y1/2, Y3/4 and Y5/6 girls categories
  • Acle Primary won the overall trophy for the Y1/2 Boys categor
  • Freethorpe Primary won the overall trophy for the Y3/4 Boys category
  • Cantley Primary won the overall trophy for the Y5/6 Boys category

Well done again this year, winning the majority of the trophies available!








School Games Bronze Award

We are very pleased to have been awarded the School Games Silver Award for 2016-17.  This is a Government led scheme for schools to reward them for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community.

Disaster Relief 20th September 2017

We raised a total of £282.65 to go towards helping the Caribbean recover after hurricane Irma by holding a ‘wear red’ day and an after school cake sale. Thank you to all those who donated on our non-uniform day and made/bought cakes after school.

Upton Organ Restoration

Last October our Year 5 & 6 pupils had the opportunity to take part in a music workshop at Upton Church. This was provided as part of the restoration work taking place on the organ. The session was very worthwhile and was the inspiration for the children in our Engineering Club building their own one octave organ.

This week our older pupils were once again given the opportunity to take part in a workshop to celebrate the completion of the restoration work.

They had an interesting and informative afternoon in which they learnt how the organ uses pressurised wind in different sized pipes to make the notes.

RSPB Community Event – Tuesday 19th September 2017

Last week we hosted our first RSPB Community Wildlife Event, which aims to make the school a hub for promoting the enjoyment and conservation of our local environment and all its inhabitants.

RSPB staff and volunteers set up a range of fun wildlife activities in the school’s garden and nature area. Over 50 pupils and family members enjoyed drawing wild plants and flowers, searching for evidence of resident insects, birds and mammals and making very creative and snazzy ‘spider’ webs. Refreshments were served in the library and children took home free packets of bird seed.

This event was the first of many to come – the next being held on Tuesday 17th October, 3.15-4.15pm, when we will be looking at all things Autumnal. Please do come along, with friends and family!

Thank you to Mr Clennell for organising this great event.

Spanish Language Day 26th September

On Tuesday everyone had fun taking part in our Languages Day. Working in house groups, children had an opportunity to learn a Spanish Dance (the flamenco), cook Spanish food (Tortilla), made mosaics (based on famous mosaics in Barcelona) and learn more Spanish vocabulary.