Welcome to Beech Class – Happy New Year!

Welcome back from your Christmas holidays, hope you all had a wonderful time!  In Beech Class we have 24 children.  A number of adults work in our class and include Mr Branch, Mrs Robb, Mrs Drury, Mrs Corson, Mrs J Cooper and Mrs L Cooper.

Whole Class Music Teaching

As you probably already know, the children will be learning samba over the course of the year. They will be taught by Mr Taylor from Norfolk Music Hub who will visit us on Monday afternoons.  Our topic for this term will be The Mayans.

Spring Term 2018

Coming Soon!

Autumn Term 2017

During this term, we studied the Ancient Mayan civilisation.  We found out all about the way they used to live including the games they played, the Gods they worshiped, the food they ate along with the letters and number systems they created.  The children enjoyed looking at the maps of Central America and working out which countries would have been part of the Mayan civilisation.  In particular we studied the features of Chichen Itza, an ancient Mayan city!








Isn’t it dark early this time of the year! It’s a very good job that we designed and constructed our own torches during our light and shadow science topic.  The children produced a design for the handle of the torch and then using a tube, a small tin foil cake tin and a carefully constructed circuit created a torch, similar to what can be seen below!