Sports Grant

The government has allocated additional funding to all primary schools to improve the provision of physical education and sport.

In 2016/17 we received a total of £8,494

April 2016 – March 2017



Cluster Professional Support

£1 250



Travel to sporting events/competitions etc


Sports coaching


Inset (Staff training) £100
Supply Cover £2 200
Golden Mile Resources £200
Total expenditure £2 795
Carried forward for Summer Term 

£2 350

Legacy – Contribution to Playground Improvement

(Trim Trail)




  • To provide good quality continual professional development (CPD) for staff to enhance their skills to ensure that each child receives good quality teaching in PE throughout the school e.g. three teachers have attended RealPE Training. This has ensured staff are confident with delivering the P.E curriculum using a range of different approaches and recognise what constitutes an outstanding P.E lesson. Staff having also developed a knowledge of personalised learning and P.E assessment. Objectives
  • To continue to work collaboratively with other schools, both in the cluster and the wider community to develop sporting opportunities for all the children. With the Acle Cluster of Schools, we fund an Extended Schools Co-Ordinator – Mr John Grayson.  The work of the Schools Co-ordinator and the Acle Schools together means that we can provide inter-school competitions, such as tennis, cross country, football and cricket to our pupils. The P.E. subject leader attends Primary Link Teacher (PLT) meetings to ensure all School Sports Partnership opportunities are undertaken by the school.
  • To audit and augment resources ensuring that all children have access to high quality equipment to enable them to develop their physical skills and well-being. We have set a side some of the Sports Premium funding to enable us to create a more active playground for all the children by the inclusion of a trim trail.


The impact of this funding has been evidenced in the sporting successes enjoyed by our pupils throughout the past three years.

It is measured through monitoring numbers of children participating in sports activities and competitions

Attainment and progress in Physical development is assessed including assessing impact of new equipment.

The impact of the Sports Premium Funding is monitored by the Head Teacher, Governors and P.E subject leader (Mr James Branch).

Overall Success Criteria

All children will benefit from improved quality first teaching and have had experience of a wide range of opportunities to ensure that there will be a lasting impact on their physical well-being.