Thank you all for the messages of thanks and support we have received.  I do hope all of our Fairhaven Families are keeping themselves safe. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone.

I know you are all working hard with your children at home. I also know you have different home commitments and that for some supporting your child/children, especially if you are working from home, is adding extra pressure. We must remember, during this crisis, it will be difficult for us to provide a “normal” school education for our children.

My expectation is for you to do the best you can for your own children and we will do our best to support you in that. I know that all homes are different and the level of support that is feasible will vary. My number one priority for the children is they remain happy and loved by the people around them. My second priority is that you support your child’s home learning in whatever way you feel you can. Be kind to yourselves, and know that no one is judging your efforts or expecting you to teach in the normal way.

As you know, the teachers at school are putting together weekly learning packs. These weekly packs will consist of a daily maths and English activity. We are trying to think creatively about the English activity and work around a whole school resource. This way, siblings from different classes can work together. It can also springboard into other areas – science, geography, history, art. We are including some extension activities for those who want a little more. I appreciate printing lots of worksheets is difficult and costly, so we are happy to have paper copies available at the front of the school. That said, worksheets are fine, but they can be dull and uninspiring. Personally, I don’t feel sitting the children in front of a laptop or computer screen all the time is the best solution either. Daily reading is important for all, as is keeping active and thinking of our overall wellbeing. As with all things, keeping a balance and being creative is the key to making learning successful.

Motivating children can be tricky, especially the older ones. Children always engage better if they can lead themselves. They need to feel their work has a purpose, and I would suggest giving them an element of responsibility for choosing an area to study. If they are interested in music, encourage them to complete a project about their favourite band, songwriter or musician. Maybe they could write their own song. If they are a football fan, they could research their favourite player, or design a football kit.

I have put a lot of thought into the possibility of changing reading books. At the moment, I have decided this is not feasible. Firstly, our stock is depleted as we made sure everyone had at least three books on our last day. Secondly, we do not want to risk spreading the virus between our homes. Thirdly the logistic of putting all our books outside would be difficult. However, I do want children to continue to read and enjoy books. As an alternative, I would like to suggest the Oxford Reading Tree website. See below for further details. Also below are details of an additional maths resource.

You may be worried about the impact this break from school will have on your child’s learning. There will be key learning objectives we would normally teach in the summer term, which may be missed. The teachers are aware of this and we will try to include aspects of these in the weeks ahead. When we return to school, we will start where we left off, and I have no doubt the children will be raring to go. If, in the meantime, we can keep some level of learning ticking over, then we will be doing well.

I very much hope we will be returning to school before the end of this academic year. It would be sad if our Year 6 were deprived of the chance to say a proper goodbye to Fairhaven. They have worked hard for their SATs and will have mixed emotions about not sitting these! Their residential, which was due take place in May, has been cancelled, as has the trip to London we were planning for July. Whatever happens, we will organise a special event for this year group, when things get back to normal.

We have been delighted with your response to our Fairhaven Friends. My next job is to compile this week’s edition! We are keen to see your work. Thank you if you have dropped work off for us to see. Sadly we cannot return this work at present.

The whole education sector is keen to help. I have put together a list of trusted websites, for you to investigate, should you wish. Direct links to these are available on the school’s website.

With best wishes to all,

Stay safe and connected,

Mrs Lake

Reading Websites

Oxford Reading Tree

Many of you will be familiar with Oxford Reading books. There are lots of eBooks available for all year groups on their website. You will need to register and create your own login.

Once connected, you will see a host of resources but I particularly recommend the eBook library. Here you will see familiar characters such as Biff and Chip and the Project X team. There is a selection of fiction and non-fiction grouped by age or book band colour – plenty for all.

Book Trust

Literacy Trust

Other useful reading sites

David Walliams – Daily Audio Story

Every day, David Walliams is uploading an audio story. You can listen to a new story each day. Please note this website has a comments section on the bottom which may not be regulated.

White Rose Maths (WRM) is a very well respected resource, and some of your children will already be familiar with it from school.

The people at White Rose Maths have put together a week-long series of maths lessons for all years, from Reception up to Year 6.

Once you follow the link, your child (or you) will be able to select their year group, watch a short video (around 4-5 minutes) and then complete a task. Ideally, the worksheets should be printed, but if not, your child can look at the worksheet and write the answers down on any paper you have available. The lessons even have the answers so you can quickly check them if you have time!


Lots of science ideas can be found at

Each week Maddie had a different theme and ideas for fun science activities that can be completed at home.


Mrs Brocklehurst is providing work via Charanga Yumu. You will need to register with your email.

Modern Foreign Languages

Madam Harvey has set some French and Spanish work for the Easter holiday. Here are the links:-

Online games in French

Printable worksheets

Sycamore and Chestnut



Any Class