Being a Church School


What makes a Church of England school?

Enabling children to flourish

A key aim of our school is to enable children – and their families – to flourish. That means equipping children with the emotional and academic skills and resources to help form their aspirations, and providing the support and nurture to set them on their way to achieving them.

That means challenging them academically, but also spiritually, physically, artistically and technically. By working together with schools in the Diocese we are able to provide a richer curriculum which helps to develop the character and talents of every young person.

High academic standards combined with Christian values to foster creativity, confidence and compassion, in order to develop wisdom, knowledge and skills.

Genuinely inclusive

Our school is open to all and accepting of all, regardless of faith.

A Christian ethos sets the culture of our school. The values behind this ethos – of responsibility, aspiration, dignity, love and respect – shape the education which young people in our school receive.