Our Classes

The school is able to teach up to 105 children. We organise the children into four classes and these are all named after British trees. Each class usually includes children from two different year groups, although the composition of classes may vary slightly depending on the number of children in each year. 

Sycamore Class – Reception Children

Class Teacher: Mrs Catherine Fleet

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Amanda Everson / Mrs Gemma Creed

Chestnut Class – Year 1 and 2 children

Class Teacher: Miss Jess Ampleford

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Anna Owen, Mrs Becky Corson, Mrs Ali Menaul

Beech Class – Year 3 and 4 children

Class Teacher: Mr James Branch

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lynn Robb

Oak Class – Year 5 and 6 children

Class Teacher: Miss Karen Grey

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Shelly Seaman, Mrs Becky Corson, Mrs Louise Reynolds,
Mrs Gill Lackey and Ms Kat Barr