Our Values

Belief – Friendship – Diversity – Achieve

Our Christian core values of belief, friendship diversity and achievement are at the heart of everything we do.


Our children are taught to have belief in their own ability to learn. We encourage them to develop their interests and talents both inside and outside of school. We give our children many opportunities to explore and develop their own spirituality and beliefs.


We offer our friendship to all. We trust and believe in the abilities of others. We offer encouragement and support to our friends in order that they may succeed. We promote empathy and compassion. We help our children to understand that Jesus loves us all and wants to be our friend.


We celebrate our diversity and our unique God given gifts. We teach our pupils to understand that we are all different but have similarities too. Likewise, people can have different faiths but common values.


Our core values – belief – friendship – diversity – will help us all, to flourish, to live life to the full and make a real difference to the world.