Welcome Message

Here at Fairhaven Primary School, we aim to provide the best possible education for the children in our care. We have a real commitment to raising standards and creating interesting and enjoyable learning experiences for all.  We believe that good education is achieved through collaboration with the pupils, parents/carers/guardians, staff, governors and the wider community. Communication is the key and ownership of the learning is paramount. I hold a coffee and chat session with parents and carers every half term to discuss relevant issues as they arise.

We provide stimulating, interactive learning environments where the children can feel safe, comfortable and supported. We enable the children to develop self-esteem, confidence, maturity and tolerance.  This helps them to develop as independent thinkers, speakers and learners, becoming better world citizens, taking more responsibility for themselves, others and the environment. We have a child-centred focus that celebrates achievement at all levels.

Our school is placed firmly at the heart of the community and we value our rural setting.  Our Christian ethos underpins the warm, family atmosphere that we all enjoy here at Fairhaven.

In March 2019, the school had a very successful Ofsted inspection and we were judged to be a GOOD school. One of its conclusions was that the school has a caring ethos, where each child is valued as an individual, and where staff work closely together in every child’s best interest. Pupils are friendly and polite around the school, and easily develop mutual respective relationships with each other and with other members of staff.

As a church school, we are also inspected by the Church of England. Again, we were judged to be a GOOD school and a key finding was that standards are high and pupils are provided with a wealth of opportunities beyond the formal curriculum which enables them to explore their gifts and to flourish. 

I do hope this website provides you with all the information you need to know about our school, but if there is anything else you would like to know, then please do get in touch.

   Mrs S Lake

Head Teacher